Calming Dog Beds – What Are They and Do They Work?

Does your pet get nervous when exposed to new people or loud noises? While every animal is different, most dogs struggle with anxiety and stress when their surroundings are changed.

If your dog faces a similar reaction, you may want to help them. Many pet parents swear by Calming Dog Beds to relax their puppy's anxiety, and these beds are the best kind of dog beds available on the market.

Are you wondering whether these beds work?

Yes, they do. Most dog owners who have tried this product swear by it. They do help ease a dog's anxiety. There may not be scientific studies on this topic, but the popular opinion is with this product.

According to some experts, dogs eventually become conditioned to think of that corner as a relaxed space and hence automatically relax when they are in their Calming Bed for Dogs. However, it would help if you do not solely rely on these beds to help your dog.

Calming Beds for Dogs

These beds provide a relaxed space featuring soft fur and a unique design to help give dogs a sense of safety and ease anxiety.

Dogs can get highly stressed in situations like fireworks, thunderstorms, or a new home. Most of these times, your dog will try to feel secure and safe, and hence they will burrow into the furniture or a blanket or find a protected and snug place.

When your puppy uses a Cuddler Dog Bed with training and treatment, it can reduce their stress. You can also use music to calm your puppy. Many such beds offer special padding, raised edges, and even heating to provide additional support to pets.

The Pros of Calming Beds

Here are some of the pros of calming dog bed in Australia:

  1. They can help your puppy relax, especially when you are not at home.
  2. They can ease anxiety and stress.
  3. Many calming dog beds provide head support for dogs that reduces the tension in their joints and neck.
  4. Your dog can rest comfortably and thus handle anxiety better.
  5. Your dog will be able to sleep more peacefully and quickly.
  6. Better sleep could also enhance your dog's memory, as per a study conducted by a Hungarian Institute.
  7. A large cuddler dog bedcan help your pup stay warm, especially in a bed with extra padding.

Do Calming Beds Work?

The main characteristics of a calming bed are soft fur and raised edges. The idea is that the faux fur resembles a puppy's mother. When nestled in their beds, dogs would remember the time as puppies when they used to cuddle with their mom and thus feel cosy and warm.

The raised edges create a cave or den for pups which helps them feel protected and safe. The edges add to a pup's sense of security and ease because they will not be as stimulated or distracted by their environment. Hence, they can feel safe and settled, which helps them reduce their anxiety.

The raised edges also support a dog's spine and head when they sleep on it. This relieves tension on their back and neck and provides relief from muscle and joint aches.

When Should You Buy a Calming Bed for Your Dog?

If your pet suffers from separation anxiety or stress, you should buy a calming dog bed. Also, if your dog is suffering from joint pain, arthritis, or other such conditions, then the soothing properties of a calming bed can provide them with some relief.

What does your dog do when they get anxious? They shake, hide or want to be held; hence a calming dog bed is a perfect solution. Do you have a young puppy that has trouble sleeping in at night? If yes, a comfortable, calming bed can help them relax and sleep in peace.

What size bed should I buy?

You do not want to buy a bed that is too big since your dog must be able to snuggle in it and feel secure and snug. However, it cannot be too small that your pup cannot circle in it. Buy a size where your dog can stretch out a little without being restricted by the edges.

What should you consider before buying a calming dog bed?

If you buy a high-quality bed, it will last you for years. Hence, look for washable machine beds. It will also help to buy beds that can resist odours. Your bed must also have a non-skid bottom so your dog does not slide or slip.

Will a calming Dog Bed Cure My Pet's Anxiety?

No, it won't. A calming dog bed is not the cure for any illness or anxiety. Your puppy's anxiety and stress can only be treated with a doctor's consultation. However, a calming bed can be a part of the solution, and it can be a tool that can ease some symptoms when properly used. To cure pet anxiety, you will have to introduce changes and even use medication. Hence, you must not wholly depend on a bed to cure your dog, especially if they have significant issues. Get a doctor's appointment if you want to offer them the proper care.


So, did we answer your question? Do calming beds work? These beds offer some advantageous effects and benefit dogs, significantly easing anxiety. This answer has been derived from the popular opinions shared by pet owners. However, no studies have been conducted to verify this claim. You are welcome to try these beds on your dogs and see the result.

As per some professionals, it can also be about conditioning the dog to associate ease and comfort with a bed. However, there is no harm in testing this product and seeing how it eases your dog's life.