Reasons Why You Should Have Pet Portraits

Pet portraits have been around since the stone age, and they have existed since humans and dogs have been best friends. In the ancient days, pet portraits existed on stone tablets, and today, art has advanced and now, a proper Customizable Dog Portrait can be commissioned.

Maybe, a pet portrait became trendy because most famous artists like Schulz, Picasso, and Warhol used their furry friends as their inspiration and muse.

Regardless, even then, you may end up with some queries in your head as to why you require a pet portrait in the first place. Well, continue reading since this is the subject we explore today.

1. Pets are Your Family

Firstly, and importantly, pets are not just animals for you. These animals love you and live in your home, and they interact with you, and sometimes your habits and moods affect theirs. They can be controlled and tamed even better than humans. However, just because they barely ask for anything does not mean they are unimportant. They are your family, and you should treat them as such.

Do you not take pictures of your human family? You do many things for your family, make memories with them, buy them presents, and throw parties for them. Custom pet portraits in Australia can do the same for your pets, and these portraits can help your pets feel more important at home.

2. Make Long Lasting Memories

As mentioned, portraits can help you make memories with your furry friends. However, you may wonder how? Pets can sense that you have done something for them. However, they may not appreciate it since they cannot completely understand it. Therefore, what do we mean by making memories?

That is hidden in the process. When you contact someone for pet portraits in Australia, they will ask for a picture of your dog or cat. You will most likely take your dog to the park or somewhere outdoors to get a good picture. You could even engage a photographer to take professional photos of your dog. Through this experience, you will learn more about your dog, and they will also understand you better. You can spend quality time with your pet during this process.

Some artists can even ask you to sit with your pet while painting them. However, that rarely happens since keeping pets in one place is difficult. And no artist has that much time in today's world.

3. Customize Your Furry friend's Room

A dog portrait painting  can add a custom touch to your animal's space or room. Whether they have a separate corner in your home or a complete room, a portrait in their space will help them claim proper ownership of their area. With a portrait in their room, your pet and you will get used to a good feeling that is their space in your home that cannot belong to just anyone, and it belongs to them exclusively. This feeling will help you strengthen your bond with each other.

4. Preserve Your Dog's personality

Earlier, we observed how a custom portrait in your pet's room could boost their sense of ownership. Similarly, portraits can help your dog acquire more confidence in himself. A picture truly captures the personality. Hence, a portrait will bring a good perception of your dog. It will also be a reminder for you of the love you shared with your pet throughout your life.

5. Keep Track of Pet Families

If your family has been keeping generations of pets, then a portrait can help you keep track of them. If you have a portrait of every dog in your family, you could quickly answer who the father, grandfather, and son are. You can maintain a record of lineage and names through portraits.

6. Pet Portraits Can be talking points at parties

When your guests notice your pet portraits, they will take an interest in them and talk about them. You will give off a sweet, dedicated, and warm vibe. Pet portraits are still rare, making for fantastic conversation starters. You can avoid the awkward pauses in conversations at parties through your pet portraits.

7. Voice A Noble Cause through Pet Portraits

Are you an activist fighting for a pet-related cause? If yes, then a pet portrait in your home can help you with your campaign. Such a dedicated and sweet gesture will showcase your intentions and feelings towards your cause.

8. Share their journey

Pet portraits can be a great way to remember memories, and you can make a timeline of your pet as well. For their portrait, you can select a picture from various milestones like their birthday, first bath, first party, first walk, first outing, first Halloween, etc. Whatever moment you choose will remain fresh and in front of you at all times, reminding you of your parenting journey. You can even get digital portraits of your pets if you do not love the idea of traditional portraits.

9. Keep Their Memory Alive and Fresh

A pet owner faces many similar situations that a new parent may face. If you get a portrait of them as a puppy, you can remember when you used to chase them. Pets grow up just as fast as humans, and they will be old and tired in minutes. It might seem like yesterday they were tiny, and now they have completely grown.

Portraits can help you remember them after they have passed. Pet portraits will help you remember all the pleasant moments you spent with them and keep their memories fresh in your heart.


To conclude, pet portraits can be a worthy and sweet investment. When starting this process, you may feel like you are being extra or this is too much, but once the portrait is finished, you will realize that it was all worth it.