Tips for Protecting Furniture from Your Pets

Pets are like family. They love us, offer us emotional support, and help us reduce our stress, but they also use leather couches and wooden tables as scratch posts and chew toys. Whether you are a pet parent for a while or will adopt a pet, you will always have to share your furniture with your pets.

Pets do not ever mean to damage your furniture, but they do cause a lot of wear and tear. However, you can avoid that situation with calming furniture protector for dogs and cats. To simplify your life, we have introduced cat- and dog-proofing products that will let you have couch cuddles while maintaining your furniture.

Mentioned below are some ways through which you can protect furniture from your pets.

Why Should You Protect Furniture from Your Pets

Well-made leather or hardwood furniture is an investment. Hence, you need to make an effort to protect and maintain these items, especially if you own pets. With the right items, you can maintain your furniture for many years.

However, we understand that life happens. Over the years, your couch or table will become worn down with rips or stains, but pets can sometimes speed that up.

Some ways in which pets can damage furniture are:

  1. Chewing on tables- Dogs often do this. When dogs chew, it helps them feel better, especially if they are stressed, and it also enhances the strength of their jaws. If there are bite marks on your couch, that can result in faster damage since holes can easily get bigger quickly. Once you let your dog bite your couch, they are bound to go back and bite repeatedly.
  1. Scratching on surfaces- When considering hardwood furniture, scratches are often common if you have a kitten or a puppy in the house. It could not take much time to teach them not to scratch, which can cost you dearly.
  1. Dirty paw marks- If you have a garden and your dog often spend time outside, you have suffered through muddy spots. It can take forever to clean debris, mud, or dirt marks from couches and carpets, and they can turn into hard stains if you do not clean them immediately. Using a calming furniture protector is ideal to avoid stains on furniture and reduce your cleaning time.

How to Protect Your Furniture from a Dog or Cat

You can reduce your cleaning routines and truly enjoy your home with these tips on protecting wooden furniture and sofas from pets.

  1. 1. Invest in furniture for pets- Create a space for your pet where they can relax. You can buy a new calming furniture protector for cats or dogs. Pets sometimes can take time to settle in new products, but if they genuinely like a product, they may instantly take to it.
  1. Using pet covers to cat-proof and dog-proof the sofa- One of the cheapest and easiest methods of preventing drool, hair, dirt, and bacteria from sinking into your couch is using a calming furniture protector for cats and dogs. In case your dog or cat has a favorite couch spot, cover it in order to be easily maintained.
  1. Prioritize nail care - An easy method is to keep their nails short. Your cat is bound to jump on your table, and your dog will jump on the door; hence if they have short nails, the chances of them scratching your furniture are less. If their nails are short and nice, they will also not be stuck to threads and cause any further damage to existing holes.
  1. Create a grooming routine - Some breeds shed more than others; hence if you want to avoid hair from your furniture, then groom your pets regularly. It can be easy to handle pet hair on couches or floors with a calming pet furniture protector.
  1. Keep your pet's toys nearby - If your dogs and cats have their toys, they are less likely to claw or chew your home decor. Every pet has a favorite toy, such as tennis balls, ropes, or plushies. If you play with your pets, it can keep them stimulated and reduce their stress, keeping them away from your furniture.
  1. Using sprays that reduce chewing - There are sprays available that deter cats and dogs from chewing. However, you can make your spray by using citrus, vinegar, and peppers. However, be aware and careful, so you do not cause any reaction to your pets.
  1. Exercise - Like their pet parents, pets also require exercise. Playing with cats, walking dogs, or playing with them at a park will help them release their tension and energy and keep them fit. If pets are relaxed, they will be calm at home. If you do not engage your pets, they will release their stress on your furniture by biting or scratching them.

Nothing beats cuddling with your pets on the sofa at the end of the day. However, drool, hair, unpleasant smells, dirt, chew marks, and scratches come with love. Your new puppy can fall in love with your new dining table instead of his dog bed. However, do not worry; any furniture your dog likes can be protected using a pet cover.

Whatever your style, it is possible to maintain your wood furniture and sofa while also letting your dogs and cats roam around your house and relax wherever they want. Creating cozy spaces for pets is a great way to stop them from damaging any furniture, especially if they are puppies or kittens.

Investing in proper pet furniture can help you avoid all kinds of stress. At Buddiies, we sell a wide variety of pet covers and beds made with the utmost care, multi-functional and durable. Check us out today if you want to create a comfortable space for your furry friend.