Pet Sofa Cover

Calming Sofa Covers That Protects Your Furniture

Maintaining and cleaning the house with pets can be challenging, as the shedding of hairs, scratches, and smells can sometimes let things go out of hand. Also, some furniture pieces are delicate ordo not have pet-friendly material. These issues create a mess, especially with the furniture, and keeping the house clean seems like a never-ending task.

To combat these problems, Buddiies offer a different range of sofa covers for pets that will help protect the furniture and ensure proper hygiene. With soft and high-quality material, the covers can be used anywhere, and you can keep them over the furniture or on the floor based on your requirement. Additionally, our covers are offered in varied colors, which will blend with your furniture, making it look seamless.

Dryer and Machine Washable

Our pet sofa covers are also dryer safe and machine washable like our pet beds. The quality of the cover material is strong, and they are removable covers. Hence, it can be washed easily. Also, if you prefer to wash it by hand, it willdryquickly.

Beautiful Pet Sofa Covers That Add To The Decoration

As we offer multiple designs and colors, these protective sofa covers for pets can fit the look of your living room or bedroom and act as a decorative piece. You can purchase covers based on the theme that matches your furniture and use them accordingly. Our covers are like a throw-over and can be used on any furniture. You don't need to vacuum your entire sofa or bed to clean them. Just wash the pet sofa covers, and your task is done.

High-Quality Fabric Material That Your Pet Loves

Our furry pals are not just pets, but they are a part of the family, and we only choose the best for our family. Buddiies understands this and provides high-quality fabric material thatour four-legged friends love.Our covers are made of bamboo, microfibers, nylon, taffeta, and oxford.

The quality of the covers determines how much rest and comfort the pets will get.A good quality fabric gives comfort for playing as well as for resting. Before choosing a cover, you must ensure that the fabric is breathable, supportive, and big enough for your pet to fit. Our pet sofa covers are also durable and long-lasting. The beds are chew-resistant and easy to clean, keeping in mind the fur shedding, smell, saliva, or other fluids. Thus, our covers are made accordingly that avoid stains or odor and last long.

The fabric material of our furniture protector is pet-friendly, and the fabric is exceptionally soft and has added cushions that support and render hugging comfort. The fabric is also beneficial for aging pets as they have health benefits such as healing sore joints and reducing anxiety. The design and material of the covers are made by using scientific principles to promote healthy and sound sleep.

Why Use Pet Sofa Covers?

Using pet sofa covers helps keep your house clean, protects the furniture, maintains hygiene, and saves time. Also, it can be easily carried anywhere, making your pet feel cozy even outdoors or while traveling.Investing in sofa covers for pets allows you to take care of them by providing a sense of warmth and security.

  • Maintains Hygiene – Using the sofa covers is very easy, and it aids in maintaining hygiene. Our pet sofa covers are designed to be easily put on and off your furniture, and they can be used on the floor or outdoors and make your pet feel at home.Furthermore, our covers will prevent scratches on the furniture keeping it safe and protected.
  • Put together Mismatched Furniture – We sometimes bring pieces of furniture from sales or thrift stores that may not blend with other furniture of the house. In such cases, our sofa covers for pets can be used to put together mismatched furniture as multiple colors, and patterns of covers are provided. With these, you can change the look of your home and blend furniture seamlessly.
  • Easy to Clean –Unlike other bulky pet beds or covers, our sofa beds and covers are incredibly lightweight and easy to clean. They can be put anywhere, and you need to take them off and wash them. Even if there is a spill or alot of pet hair on the cover, just put them in thewashing machine, and you are good to go.

Benefits of Using Buddies Pet Sofa Covers

As pets are a part of the family, we offer only the best quality material, fabric, product durability, and many more for these furry members.

  • Soft Covers Ensure Sound Sleep –Scientific principles are incorporated in the making and designing of the bed, which is why we ensure that our soft covers promote healthy and sound sleep. The extra-long fur provides comfort and added padding gives vital support to the pet’s body, and this ensures that bodyweight is balanced and the pets get proper rest.
  • Pet Is Encouraged To Sleep In Their Bed – Although you love your pet a lot, compromising your bed space might be difficult as the pets sleep twice the amount of humans.Furthermore, they are more active during the night when we require rest, and their frequent moments and noise can disturb the quality and pattern of your sleep. Thus, getting a pet bed for sofa cover for pets will encourage them to sleep in their bed.
  • Calms Anxiety – Like humans, animals also suffer from anxiety. The aggressive behaviors, hissing, trembling, less sleeping, more pacing, etc., are some of the signs that your pet is anxious. Our pet beds and covers are designed to tackle this issue and reduce stress. The bolstered edges or raised rims on the pet sofa cover help relax their nervous system that immediately facilitates their anxiety.
  • Removable and Washable –As the covers are removable, they are suitable for different types offurniture. They are durable and prevent smell, stains, fur shedding, etc., preventing the bed from contaminating in the long run. Remove the cover and wash in a machine or even in a dryer.