Calming Dog Beds

There are thousands of dogs in our country. Of those dogs, almost 40% suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives. If your dog is not experiencing comfortable sleep, it might suffer from mental and physical health issues.

How Can You Help Your Dog?

We have incorporated science into our products to help you provide a comfortable and happy life for your pets. Our Dog Bed is a brilliant calming bed that all pet parents love—every pet parent worries about their pet and wonders how they can help them, and you can do so by making their comfort your number one priority.

Why Choose Buddiies

There are many Calming Dog Beds sold online. However, we have refined and tested our products for a long time, and we are sure that our bed has the best design and highest functionality in the market.


This bed can be carried anywhere. You can easily travel and take it with you wherever you go to help keep your dog calm, even in highly stressful scenarios.

Machine Washable

Our bed cover can be removed and washed in a machine. You can easily prolong your dog's favorite bed's life by keeping it clean and hygienic without any hassles.

Raised Rim

The shape of our Calming Bed for Dogs has two benefits. One, it acts as a pillow, and two, it provides a barrier so your pet can sleep while feeling a sense of security. This bed offers perfect sleep, all night, every night.

Our Mission

We at Buddiies love dogs and are dedicated to helping our furry friends have the best sleep possible. The Buddiies dog bed is a brilliant dog bed that everyone favors. Not many pet parents realize that pets need a comfortable and thoughtful place to sleep; our beds are helping pet parents provide a proper sleeping spot for their dogs while assisting them in combating their anxiety. People do not realize that dogs can suffer from severe anxiety. A safe and comfortable space can help your dog remain calm and happy most of the time.

Your Dog's Health is Important

Being a pet lover, if you want your dog to have a happy life, it must have a good night's sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to several severe problems for your dog and reduce their quality of life.

We understand that nothing lasts forever, but do you not want to buy the best Donut Dog Bed for your dog as a pet parent? We are here to help you and your dog get the best out of your time together. Hence, we make our products with the utmost diligence and produce the highest quality dog beds.

The Rise of Anxiety in Dogs

As per a survey, there are millions of dogs in our country. Of those dogs, over 40% suffer from anxiety at some point in their lives. This is an alarming fact, and it should be taken seriously. 

You can help your dog by offering them a comfortable environment and a calming bed. Donut beds have displayed positive results for many pets, and it has been proven that good dog bedscan lead to less wild behavior, long sleep patterns, and happier smiles amongst dogs.

Why A Buddiies Calming Bed is Your Best Choice

The two main characteristics of our bed are security and comfort. We use a super comfortable material that feels like fur and helps dogs calm down by resetting their nervous system. This luxurious material is what makes our bed incredible.

The raised and oversized rim has been designed with extra faux fur to create a safe space for your dog. When curled up inside this bed, dogs often feel like puppies curled up against their mothers, and hence they feel secure and warm. This bed is the best thing you will buy for your dog.

Most of our competitors do not offer a machine washable cover and extra filling; however, we do. This ease of maintenance makes us stand apart from the rest of the market. We offer an exclusive product for dogs that every pet parent would be glad and grateful for.

Buddiies is dedicated to enhancing the sleep and rest of owners and pets alike. Our customers often tell us how quickly their dogs take to the Buddiies Calming Cuddler. Most clients report that their dogs find these beds soothing, especially during storms. At Buddiies, we aim to develop innovative products and supply them to pet parents and dogs. We admire your support and are excited to help you and your furry friends lead happier and more comfortable lives.

Quick Returns

We have a comfortable and plush bed for all kinds of pets and breeds. If you are looking for the perfect dog bed, your search ends with us.

All Buddiies beds are carefully shipped with transparent tracking and can be returned within 14 days. Hence, if you want a different size or realize that this product is not for you, then we would be happy to take it back and refund your money.

We Guarantee Better Sleep

All our furry clients love Buddiies beds, and we have experienced how impactful a Buddiies bed can be. You can use this bed to get your pet away from your couch or bed and settle them in their comfortable sleeping spot. This bed will help them feel safe even when alone at home.

With our beds, your dogs will sleep through the entire night, and we guarantee that your pet will fall in love with the bed.

How Does a Bed Calm A Dog?

Our raised rims help dogs feel secure while the faux fur reminds them of their mother. Whether it is noise, fireworks, or anxiety, our beds have a life-changing effect on dogs.