Ideas of 10 Great Furniture Protectors from Dogs to Share with Your Friends

Is your dog allowed on the furniture? And do you keep finding yourself constantly cleaning and protecting the furniture?We sympathize with you and understand your problem. The dogs can shed their hair, chew wooden tables, and scratch couches, resulting in many messes. However, there are multiple methods to prevent any of these from happening. You can use furniture protectors from dogs, and half of your work will be cut down. In this article, multiple ideas are provided to dog-proof your furniture and keep it protected in the long run.

10 Great Ideas to Protect Your Furniture From Dogs

Having pets around is a lot of fun, but cleaning the mess caused by them can be a bit daunting. It becomes a never-ending chore to clean the house and protect your furniture. But you don’t need to fret; here are ten great ideas for protecting your furniture from dogs.

  1. Dog-Proof Your Furniture Using Throw-Over Covers –The simplest and most inexpensive way to dog-proof your furniture is to use throw-over covers or blankets.This dog furniture protector helps prevent scratches and odors and retain shed hair. You do not need to clean the entire bed or couch, wash the blanket, and your job is done. A variety of pet throw-over covers and blankets are available in the market, and you can select them as per the size of your dog.
  2. Keep Certain Rooms of Your Dog’s Reach – There are certain areas in the house that you need to prevent your dog from invading.This can be done simply by keeping the doors closed or locked. This is a great option to ensure that your furniture or fragile pieces stay undamaged, especially when you are not around. Additionally, you can fence some areas or put barriers to deter your pet from sneaking around.
  3. Invest In A Good Dog Bed – Having your furry friend in the bed with you and playing with them is a lot of fun, but when you come home from a tiring day and want to go to sleep, you see your beloved dog takes your bed space. This happens often but can be taken care of if you invest in a bed protector for pets or purchase a pet bed.

Numerous pet beds in varied colors, patterns, sizes, fabrics, and materials are available. Based on your choice, you can get a bed for your dog. This will provide them with personal space, and you will not have to compromise your bed space. This will also help protect your furniture as they now have a specific place in the house.

  1. Keep Your Dog’s Nail Trimmed – Dogs and cats both have sharp nails, and don't hesitate to use them when required. Their innate behavior is such that they can't prevent themselves from scratching or chewing a surface. But this can harm your furniture. It is better to make a routine to keep their nails trimmed regularly to prevent this. In this manner, they will not be able to harm you or your furniture.
  2. Use Pet-Friendly Furniture – If you decide to keep pets, you should opt for pet-friendly furniture. Even though it may seem daunting to some and many of you maybe reluctant to change the furniture,in the long run, this will be helpful. If you own a pet, your furniture must be able to repel water or other liquids; it should not get stained quickly, and removing hairs from it should be easy. This will reduce your work tremendously. Popular pet-friendly materials are leather and microfiber, as these are more resilient and long-lasting.
  3. Restrict Pets From Certain Areas Using Smell – Another method to protect your furniture from your dog is to deter them by using smell. There are some types of fragrances that humans like but dislike by pets, and citrus odor is one such example and deters both cats and dogs. These are also available in spray form, which restricts your dog from chewing or scratching when sprayed on the furniture.Also, lavender, vinegar, peppermint, and cinnamon are other types of odors that pets consider unpleasant.
  4. Groom Your Dog Regularly –Regularly grooming the pet will help you protect the furniture and be beneficial for the pet. It is a hygienic approach and will reduce the shedding of hair, thereby keeping your house hair-free. It would also help to use a pet couch protector for extra cleanliness. Also, grooming your pet regularly will keep them healthier, cleaner, and hygienic.
  5. Use Removable Sofa Covers for Pets –Using sofa covers for pets is also an excellent method to protect your furniture from your dogs. These covers come in varied colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, and you can choose whatever suits your requirement. These covers are easy to clean, resilient, machine washable, repel water, and cannot be stained easily. You only have to clean the cover while your furniture is safe beneath.
  6. Keep Your Pets Entertained –When the pets get bored, they start with destructive behavior. To protect your furniture from this, you can use pet furniture covers which will help in saving time. Furthermore, you can keep them busy by keeping them entertained. This can be done by playing with them, letting them watch TV, taking them outdoors, and making sure they are well-exercised.
  7. Buy Pet Toys to Keep Your Pet Busy –Pets also love to play with toys, and multifarious pet toys are available offline and online. You can get toys for your pets to play with, such as stuffed toys, dog puzzle toys, chewable toys, etc. These will keep your pets busy and hold their attention. Also, this will protect your wooden furniture. Thus, get your beloved pet some toys and keep them engaged and entertained.

These are some of the most effective ways to dog-proof your furniture. Following these ideas can help you safeguard your furnishings and increase their longevity. Also, it will decrease the overall time taken to clean the house again and again.