The Reasons Why We Love Calming Cuddler

If you have ever shopped for dog accessories, you must have heard of calming beds for dogs. These beds help dogs and cats deal with problems like anxiety. Here, we shall discuss why all pet parents love and favor these calming beds.

It is often challenging to understand pets. However, many researchers have shared their opinions on whether a Cuddler Dog Bed truly works well; the results have consistently indicated a positive success rate.

To help pet owners understand the craze for calming beds, we have surveyed the market to find out why pet parents prefer buying calming beds for their dogs and cats. Continue reading to know more about our findings.

Calming Cuddler is Effective

There may be some exceptions, but Calming Dog Beds have been proven to work scientifically. Have you ever observed a newborn puppy? They may not be aware of their surroundings, but their sense of touch and smell is present even when they are only a few days old.

Their introduction to this cruel and cold world starts with their mother's milk. They sidle next to her and warmly snuggle with her and the other puppies. After feeding, puppies feel well-fed and warm, and this feeling of security and happiness is their first content memory. Dogs remember this moment throughout their lives, shaping how they feel towards the world.

Psychologists have determined that dogs associate feelings with sense, just like humans. Hence, the feel of warm and comfortable fur is associated with calming. Using this determination, manufacturers have created Calming Bed for Dogs to ease a dog’s anxiety and offer them a relaxing feeling.

Satisfies all the Characteristics of an Ideal Dog Bed

When we look at scientific studies, an effective calming bed only requires two main things-

  1. Soft filling and fur to feel warm and retain a scent.
  2. Raised rims and neck support to provide pressure.

You can easily buy a good-quality faux fur bed for your pet. With time, it shall adopt your pet's scent and make them feel at home. Other key features that a Donut Dog Bed has that make everyone love it are -

  1. Deep crevices where your dog can burrow.
  2. Removable Soft Cover
  3. Extra filling that soothes joint pain.
  4. Non-slip cover that resists dirt.
  5. Easy to clean since the fabric can be washed in the machine.

Raised rims are essential, but you should be careful of the size while buying because you do not want to buy too high edges, or your dog will have to go through too much trouble to climb into bed. If you buy a pet bed for your dogs’ anxiety issues, check out Buddiies Calming Cuddler since it is ideal. You can choose a color that matches your interior.

The Calming Cuddler by Buddiies is the Best Dog Bed

At Buddiies, we consider all these reasons why pet parents love calming beds while sourcing our beds. We provide extra filling into our beds to offer muscle and joint support. We have beds in various colors and sizes, from extra small to double excel. We can accommodate pets of every size, and you can indeed find a color in our catalog that will match your home decor.

The donut shape and raised rim of a cuddling bed provide neck & head support and create a warm and cozy feeling in dogs. The soft filling also offers relief from muscle and joint paint. Calming Cuddlers have smooth and high walls, perfect for burrowing and snuggling.

Buddiies beds are flexible, cozy, and have superior quality fur that will remind your dog of his mother's fur. Calming beds have deep crevices, which will let your pet burrow and enjoy a restful sleep, which will lead to better health and improved behavior.

Be a Responsible Pet Parent

It can be challenging to find ways to calm your dog. Many dog owners use medicines to sedate their dogs, but some parents often seek other ways to help their furry babies. For example, you can create a safe space for your dog where they can hide when they feel anxious.

A calming cuddler can be that safe place for them. The scents and materials of the bed will help them remember happier times. Dogs, like humans, associate their senses and feelings with memories. Hence, a calming bed works on anxious dogs since it considers these feelings.

Pet parents love calming cuddlers because they offer pressure, warmth, and luxuriously soft fur that is comfortable, and the construction of these beds is ideal for dogs. You can check out Buddiies Calming Beds on our website.


Calming beds may sound like a marketing gimmick, but they genuinely help provide dogs with a comfortable and cozy night's sleep. Even though all kinds of dog beds work well for dogs, calming beds are unique, and they are a worthy investment if you are a pet parent.

Like luxury beds, calming cuddlers have been created to provide a supportive surface for dogs to sleep in so they feel like they are sleeping on a soft cloud. However, calming dog beds also recreate the happy feeling that a puppy feels when they snuggle against their mother to feel calm and relaxed.

If your dog suffers from mobility issues or joint paint, you must buy a calming cuddler instead of an orthopedic bed. Calming beds use the same materials as orthopedic beds and have the same calming effect on the body and mind. The sense of comfort and security that a cuddler provides may help dogs feel soothed.

People love calming cuddlers because they help dogs battle their stress struggles, loud noises such as thunder or fireworks, and separation anxiety. Your dog can hide in the bed, feeling safe within its high walls whenever they feel stressed by the world's chaos.